ChiliPrinx Serving Suggestions

ChiliPrinx PUR




The pure ChiliPrinx taste best develops by room temperature. The smooth and aromatic asperity will be a completely new tasting experience.




ChiliPrinx Spritzer


4 cl ChiliPrinx dashed with Soda or sparkling water. Served in a glass of wine, combined with a leave of mint. The ultimate refreshment!






2 cl ChiliPrinx
2 cl Vodka
5 cl Energydrink
Ice Cubes

ChiliPrinx Apple-Soda
2 cl ChiliPrinx
4 cl Apple Juice
weiss-rechteck4 cl Soda
Ice Cubes



ChiliPrinx Cocktails


ChiliPrinx also tastes very well to a various number of cocktails if you mix them up.






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